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Eat cookies. Not too many. Mostly vegan cookies.

I was just thinking about Michael Pollan’s talk at the St. Louis County Library last week.   The turnout was great – especially since it was the Friday before Memorial Day.  I thought it was a little odd that the host, Don Marsh, felt the need to encourage the audience to read In Defense of Food . . . cause I’m fairly certain that almost everyone who attended was already a fan.  Probably most people owned a copy.  Or checked it out from the library.  I thought about checking out a copy and asking Pollan to sign it, but didn’t think about doing it far enough in advance.

What I enjoyed most from the evening was hearing Pollan’s response to questions from the audience.  Especially the last question, which started as a personal attack (“Mr. Pollan, you are disingenuous.”)  Pollan responded calmly, with the facts.  How to win a fight with your brains.  Great to see.  I’d even recommend buying In Defense of Food, which the author summarized in seven words –

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

– Linda