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What is mesquite flour? A super tasty superfood

mesquite flour

Mesquite flour, which is naturally gluten free, is ground from the mesquite pod. It’s high in fiber (5g in 2 tablespoons) with a unique, slightly sweet and spicy flavor that varies depending on where it’s harvested. In addition to tasting great, and offering a nutritional boost, mesquite flour enhances the crust and color of gluten free breads.

Mesquite flour from Namibia tastes a little bit fruity, almost like a chocolate covered cherry. Peruvian mesquite has a different taste altogether, like hazelnut coffee. Argentine mesquite flour is my favorite. Toffeeish. Like Cinnamon. It’s hard to describe a flavor that’s so unique. While baking, I’ve heard that the aroma is similar to gingerbread. Charles Perry’s article in the L.A. Times better describes some of the special qualities.

Organic, sustainable, delicious . . . mesquite is definitely a superfood.



  1. Thanks for this post. I had never heard of this Mesquite Flour.
    Where can I buy it in Canada? Do you know?
    Take care of you,
    Aunt Jayne

  2. I love mesquite flour! I have a friend here in TX that grinds her own from the trees on their ranch. She also boils the pods to make mesquite syrup for pancakes… YUM! I’ll be trying your mesquite cookies soon.

    • That’s great to hear. I can’t even imagine how delicious mesquite syrup must be! You probably already know this, but mesquite flour is crazy good in chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.


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