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What’s a cookievore?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at how Wiktionary defines cookievore.


From cookie- by analogy with cookie, cookies, biscuits (UK), and so on, and -vore by analogy with herbivore and voracious (as in voracious appetite) and so on.

 cookievore (plural cookievores)

1. Someone who eats primarily cookies to sustain well-being. But unlike herbivores and locavores, cookievores don’t follow rigid guidelines. The majority of cookievores buy as many cookies as they can from bakers whose baking practices they want to support. By eating cookies, most cookievores hope to create a greater connection between themselves and their cookie sources.

      • 2009 June 20, excerpt from Have A Cookie For Lunch Day is June 23rd, Free Range Cookies blog or something

      Isn’t every day a great day to have a cookie for lunch? Or breakfast. Either way. But officially speaking, cookievores will need no excuse to celebrate one of our favorite holidays this Tuesday, June 23rd.

      • Become a Cookievore
        Start today by having a cookie for lunch. Support your local cookie economy by embracing the cookievore concept […]

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