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Why are you on twitter?

An army of angry pirate bell pepper cupcakes has invaded twitter, courtesy of @iLiveinmyLab

An army of angry pirate bell pepper cupcakes has invaded twitter, courtesy of @iLiveinmyLab

I first heard about twitter from a guy who calls himself a social media expert.  That kept me away from twitter for a long time. 

Then twitter popped up again, from a woman who uses it to broadcast little snippets of her life, like “Soda makes me burp.  Must be all the bubbles : ) LOL”   I see LOL a lot.  A lot of times when it isn’t very funny.

Twitter can be used in different ways – for entertainment, gathering ideas, marketing, networking.  If you’re curious about it, just sign up and start looking around.  Twitter isn’t just for social media gurus and trivial stuff, though there’s tons of that.  Not that there’s anything wrong with triviality.

What you get from twitter just depends on who you choose to follow.   

The phrase Follow me on twitter is just grating.   Follow who or what you want.  Think of following as choosing channels that you might want to watch.  If I weren’t following a certain grain scientist, I would have missed seeing those delightfully unique pirate cupcakes.  

More on twitter to follow.  LOL.



  1. Nathalie M. says:

    At least you find amusement in twitter. I still do not understand completely.
    Recently, I began baking gluten free and so far, I am not having good experiences. Did you start with baking failures also?

    • You don’t need to understand something all the way before diving in. That goes for twitter and for gluten free baking. The more you do anything, the easier it becomes.

      When I started baking gluten free, I had lots of miserable looking and tasting stuff. And I still have things that don’t turn out so great. That’s ok. Every failure is an opportunity to learn. That sounds cheesy but it’s true.

      You’ve given me a great idea for a future post. And now that I have a camera, I can include pics of my baking disasters!