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Did you ever just want to know why? At last, the bread mystery is solved

puffy pita

Pale, puffy pita with extended fermentation

As you may know, I’ve been obsessed lately with applying Peter Reinhart’s epoxy method to gluten free bread making. This extended three day fermentation is great for the texture and structure of pita breads, among other things.

But the crust and crumb color is significantly lighter than with my usual two day method. Do you know why?

gluten free pita breads with 2 day fermentation

Nicely browned pita with 2 day ferment

Tell me and you’ll get a prize.  Leave a comment below or talk to me on twitter.

Edited to add:  Mystery is solved.  According to Harold McGee, author of On Food and Cooking, browning reactions are slowed in breads with greater acidity.  Sourdoughs, and other breads using wild yeast and extended fermentation, tend to be lighter in color.