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What went wrong? The lopsided cupcake

Lopsided but still lovable.

This is the first in a series of posts detailing baking adventures gone awry.  If you want to avoid having disfigured cupcakes like the one above, don’t overfill cupcake tins. A number 16 disher is just the right size for scooping batter into a standard muffin pan. Too much batter, along with an oven temp that’s slightly off, will give you oddly bulging but still lovable cupcakes.

Icing is great for covering mistakes.

There’s always icing to help smooth over the rough spots.

Tasty. Even if it wasn’t a cookie.

If your cupcakes are just too hideous, layer them with pudding, and call it trifle.  Or crumble them up and dry out slightly in the oven to use as a dessert topping.

Even a lopsided cupcake can have a sweet ending.

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