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New gluten free pasta at Dierbergs

Gluten free pasta available at Dierbergs in Florissant, MO

Look what I picked up at the Dierbergs in Florissant, MO.  Of course, Tinkyada brown rice pasta is available everywhere, but now they have Schar and Bionaturae, too!  Amazing.  That it made it all the way to Florissant.  Yes, I know that other area Dierbergs have these products, but things don’t always trickle up to the northern St. Louis suburbs.

Schar and Bionaturae are  more expensive than Tinkyada.  And all gluten free specialty products are more expensive than their gluten counterparts.  Fact of life.  Gluten free ingredients are not only more expensive but are often demanding, requiring extra steps and more labor to produce the end product.

Anyway, there are lots of new gluten free products in a revamped aisle that’s near the produce area.  Thank you Dierbergs for shocking me.  In a good way.