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Eating gluten free doesn’t suck

“Poor thing. It must suck to eat gluten free.”

Things that suck

What sucks is the fact that so many medical professionals are still unaware of or not current in their knowledge of celiac disease.

What sucks is the fact that millions of Americans are truly suffering.  Instead of being diagnosed with celiac disease they’re being treated for depression, thyroid disorders, neurological disorders, suffering from infertility, developing osteoporosis . . . I’ll stop now or we could be here all day.

What sucks is insurance companies that cancel policies when people are diagnosed with celiac disease. Or when anything celiac-related is excluded if you need to switch insurance.  That’s me raising my hand.  Sucks, yes, but it does make a great case for health care reform.

What sucks is flash sites with weird music . . . sorry, wrong rant.

What sucks is no legal definition of gluten free in 2010.  FDA, seriously?

What sucks is how easy it is to think of things that suck.  So let’s stay positive by thinking of . . .

Things that don’t suck

Eating gluten free