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Teach every child about food

Chef Jamie Oliver won the 2010 TED Prize, an award granting recipients $100,000 and more – an opportunity to realize a wish to change the world.  In this TED talk, Jamie shares his dream of teaching every child about food.

Hopefully the kids will then teach their parents about food.  Seriously, Jamie should form a tag team with Michael Pollan or Marion Nestle to wrestle school lunch policy away from its current owners.

The video reminded me of an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that showed how the national school lunch program can be used to fight childhood obesity.

“Think of it as a down payment on a preventative health care program,” said Anthony Geraci, director of food and nutrition for the Baltimore City Public Schools.  “The up-front costs of feeding our kids better food are wiped out on the back end by the high cost of treating Type 2 diabetes. To me, it’s a no-brainer.”  

No-brainer, for sure.  Pay now or pay more later.  Read the whole article here