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But doesn’t it make the donuts taste beany?

Click on the donuts to see Free Range Cookies’ entry in Bob’s Red Mill gf recipe contest!

The short answer is no.  The it in question being Bob’s Red Mill GF All Purpose Baking Flour.

When I decided to enter a gluten free recipe contest sponsored by Bob’s and Gluten Free Registry, I was hesitant about using the all purpose blend because of the garbanzo and fava bean flours.  But for simplicity’s sake, I decided to use it.

I wanted my entry to –

  1. Use a readily available gf flour blend
  2. Not require having a special donut pan
  3. Be a baked donut instead of fried
  4. Most importantly – be fun for bakers to make at home

The chocolate, coffee, and vanilla flavors offset any potentially beany taste in the cake donuts.  I tested these donuts out on lots of different eaters and was practically looking for someone to notice a beany aftertaste.  It didn’t happen.  Even with the pickiest taste tester.

If I’d decided to enter a plain cake donut recipe, I probably would have used a rice flour/almond meal blend.

The chocolate cake donut recipe link is on the contest page here.  Don’t forget to vote while you’re there!



  1. Cathy B. says:

    Hi Linda. Where can I find the recipe for these delicious looking chocolate cake donuts? I tried the link but it didn’t work.