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Helpful books for bakers

Thanks to all who attended my first bread class at Kitchen Conservatory. Here are some of the books I mentionned last night:

Don’t let the fact that these aren’t gluten free cookbooks put you off.  The explanations (with all the recipes) in the books are golden.  When you learn why an ingredient is used in a particular recipe, you’ll have much more confidence in tackling your own baking challenges.

You won’t find the tips that I shared last night in any gluten free cookbook.  I learned some tricks through experimentation but many techniques were taken directly from the three books listed above.  When it comes to baking gluten free bread, it’s very helpful to study what you’re trying to replicate.

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  1. Thanks Linda! I had a blast last night and learned so much. I look forward to having a baking day with my fellow Celiac friends.

  2. That’s great to hear. I’m so glad you came to the class! Have fun on your baking day1