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Focaccia: The Chris Isaak of breads

Focaccia is the best,  no matter how you slice it.  And gluten free flat breads are easy to make at home.  After you’ve enjoyed focaccia in so many different ways, you’ll wonder why people make such a fuss about ordinary sandwich bread.

Now THAT’S a sandwich.

Focaccia bread is not only more fun, it’s a more versatile performer than other breads. It’s the Chris Isaak of breads.

Grilled cheese on gluten free focaccia bread

How can you use focaccia bread?

  • make french toast sticks
  • use half a slice to wrap around a hot dog
  • make savory garlic bread sticks
  • for bread pudding
  • as a pizza crust
  • for panini sandwiches
  • for cold entrees, otherwise known as sandwiches

Pizza on focaccia bread

Special thanks to rockstar photographer Corey Woodruff for the really great pics!


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