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A crack pie-inspired shake


Nutella Crack Pie.

Before seeing the post at Show Food Chef, the words Nutella Crack Pie had me hooked.  I’ll admit that I’ve been unable to shake the idea of making a crack pie-inspired something.

Chilled hemp milk and a frozen banana make this shake thick and frothy.  I thought about adding maple syrup or agave nectar, but the natural sweetness from a very ripe banana was just right for this liquid lunch.

Crack Pie-Inspired Shake

1 cup hemp milk

2 TB almond butter

2 TB mesquite flour

1 ripe banana, frozen

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients until smooth.  Top with a crumbled oatmeal cookie or gluten free granola.

I love storing ripe bananas in the freezer, defrosting as needed.  Those overly ripe bananas are ugly, sure, but can’t be beat in banana shakes, bread, and cookies.

That is one ripe banana!

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  1. You had me at “crack pie.” (And how did I miss Show Food Chef’s Nutella Crack Pie?!) This looks amazing — brilliant combination! I’ve never frozen ripe bananas before…such a good idea. I’ve thrown out so many super ripe bananas in my lifetime. Can’t wait to try this recipe out…xx

  2. Well, I am honored 😀 I freeze bananas, too and I think I just saw what I’ll be using them for this weekend, oh yeahhhh. Great idea!

  3. You are KILLING me. Almond butter (my favorite thing – of course mine is loaded with cane sugar), and chocolate? This could be the thing that makes me a banana fan 4-ever.

  4. I’m with Cheryl — you had me at Crack Pie. This sounds awesome!


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