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Retail store closing

I’d like to send a big thank you to the many retail and wholesale customers who have supported Free Range Cookies for four years. Thank you for allowing me to bake for you.

photo by Corey Woodruff

It’s time for a cookie break.  Wholesale deliveries will end in early October.  The retail store in Ferguson will be closing for good on Saturday, October 6 at 3pm.

The good news – there are two gluten free bakeries in the St. Louis area, Andrea’s in Chesterfield and New Day Gluten Free in Ellisville.  In addition, Dierberg’s has done an excellent job of stocking a wide variety of gluten free products.  Please consider supporting these local businesses as you continue to offer gluten free menu options or shop for your family.

I’ll be indulging my sweet tooth by baking, blogging, and teaching classes at Kitchen Conservatory.  Hope to see you virtually or actually around, friends.


  1. Mona Bollinger says:

    I am SOOOO sorry to hear this. You will be missed. So, who will provide the gluten free bread to Noras and other such restaurants that carried Gluten Free bread?

  2. Oh no! I wish I had been able to get there more often! I always liked knowing that I could get your awesome bread at Nora’s!

  3. Jill Duncan says:

    oh my. this really saddens me. not only for the STL community to have been blessed with the finest gluten free baker in the country, but also b/c I truly cherish you, Linda, as a passionate person who was doing a wonderful thing for the gluten free community. i hope you find something else that fulfills your heart. i will reach out to you soon.

  4. Debbie Simpson says:

    Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear this. This has me really sad (like bringing tears sad). I am glad to hear that you will continue with educating others. You have SO much to offer. And my favorite place to eat??? Nora’s????? ohhhhhhh….. 🙁

  5. sooooooooooooooo sad to hear this. NO ONE makes the foccacia bread like you do.. just had it yesterday! Best of luck to you!

  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys.

  7. So very sad to hear — I always hoped to visit your bakery someday! Sending you a big hug…

  8. Danita Blackwood says:

    Linda, sorry to hear this! You are so talented, I can’t wait to see what is around the bend for you!

  9. Follow your dreams.

  10. Oh no! I just moved to StL – worrying the whole time about where I would get good gluten free bread. Made the trek to Andrea’s with little success. Hopefully I’ll find good luck in New Day or I might have to pack my boxes soon… Will you keep blogging? Good luck with everything!

  11. NOOOoooo!!! I’m so sad! And I didn’t have the time in my schedule to take your class last weekend. Will you have stuff available for sale on Sat?

  12. oh no! Worse news ever! I love getting a sandwich at Nora’s and the cookie is the highlight of my week.

  13. Good luck to you! I will miss your bread at Nora’s and the Corner bar.
    Jan Rouff

  14. Christine says:

    You have been awesome and will be missed! I see having scone dreams. I hope the best for you in this chapter of your life!

  15. Thanks Christine!

  16. Elizabeth Roeckle says:

    I know you said that Nora’s and others will probably continue to offer GF bread with other suppliers, but I’ve been to all the local suppliers and your bread is the absolute best. New Day is great, but their sandwich bread honestly can’t hold a candle to yours. Any chance you’ll be sharing the recipe for that amazing focaccia, either at a class or elsewhere?

    • Focaccia is one of the breads that I’ve taught in classes at Kitchen Conservatory. They are always open to ideas for classes, so please let them know what you’re interested in.

  17. Kate Dolnick says:

    Oh Linda, so sorry to hear this. 🙁 Your pitas & foccacia bread will be missed. As will seeing you when I drop in. Wishing you luck in new endeavors.

  18. babyfixers says:

    Linda, we will miss your wonderful products and our visits to FRC! Bob and I wish you all the best for the future.–Candace

  19. Does this mean you’re moving to Des Moines to open a Free Range Cookies store here? 😉 Seriously, though, a visit to your store was the highlight of my trips to the STL area. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and Free Range Cookies!

  20. Gary Nowlin says:

    I am so sorry (mostly sorry for myself–no one bakes like you do.) One request: could you post your recipe for pizza crust? I can’t see myself baking other things, but I think I could do pizza crusts. Gary Nowlin

    • The pizza crust technique that I used included a starter and combined 2 different bread formulas over the course of a 4 day fermentation. When I simplify and scale down the recipe, I will happily share it here.

  21. Mary Akers says:

    Linda: Sorry to see that you’ve closed your store. Thank you for your baked goods and helpful hints. Lor & I will miss knowing that you’re in Ferguson! Mary Akers

  22. Just saw this & am very very saddened by your store closing. Your cookies (especially the chocolate crinkles), cupcakes & icing shots are awesome! No GI unhappiness. 😀 My GI tract & sanity thank you for your lovely delish baked goods. Good luck on your future endeavors, Linda!

  23. Oh, no!! My son-in-law loves your chocolate chunk cookies!! I was going to make an order for him for Christmas. So sorry that you have closed. We’ll miss you!