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10 Great Gifts for Cooks and Bakers

Cookies really stack up on this collapsible cooling rack.

Danish Dough Whisk

The dough whisk is great for sifting flours together, combining dry ingredients, and mixing bread dough. Yes, even gluten free bread dough. If you hold it with a fist (like you’d make if you were to punch someone) mixing even thick bread dough is effortless. Ergonomic, you say? Yep. And it doesn’t get clogged up with dough, so it practically cleans itself. The whisk is also brilliant for beating eggs, mixing pancake batter, muffins, stirring soup, sauces, pasta, etc.

Danish Dough Whisk

Flour Duster (Mini-Sifter)

Comes in handy when you’re making pizza crust or breads and need a light sprinkling of flour to prevent sticking while you shape dough. Fill it with powdered sugar to use when rolling out sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and pie crust.

Dishers in Various Sizes

Dishers (aka ice cream scoopers) are essential for making baked goods of uniform size. Cookies love dishers!  Not only will your cookies be well rounded, but they’ll bake evenly being all the same size. A number 16 disher is the perfect size for scooping muffin and cupcake batter.

Baker’s Collapsible Cooling Rack

Know how most home kitchens don’t have enough counter space? If you love to bake, you understand how frustrating it is to have multiple trays of cookies scattered all over that precious counter space. This cooling rack is so smart. It holds 4 trays and is VERY sturdy.

Collapsible Cooling Rack

Silicone Rolling Pin

My favorite rolling pin for everything. It’s not just for fondant. Find these at craft and kitchen supply stores.

Flexible Dough Scraper

Scrape out every last bit of cake batter, cookie dough, or sticky bread dough. Makes licking the bowl tons easier.

Parchment Paper

Silpat is great, but sometimes you need the less slippery surface of parchment paper for cookies. Wonderful also for covering pies before baking to prevent over browning. If you do a lot of baking, consider buying it in bulk at a restaurant supply store.

Vanilla Bean Paste

Flecked with vanilla beans, this paste adds an extraordinary depth of flavor. Double strength pure vanilla extract would make a lovely gift as well.

Muffins baked in edible paper liners. Eco chic!

Edible Paper and Food Markers

Sometimes it’s called rice paper, but edible paper is actually made from potato starch, water, and oil. So many interesting ways to use it. Food markers are fun to use on edible paper or icing.  Create incredible artwork like below by using the markers on royal icing after it’s dried completely.

Gift certificate to a cooking store

Kitchen Conservatory in St. Louis has an outstanding selection of kitchen tools and offers a wide variety of classes, too.

Niece has killer decorating skills!


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