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Baking Green: Kale Powder

spice jars with popped quinoa, kale powder, rosemary sea salt, and mesquite flour

Know how George Washington Carver used sweet potatoes to make flour? Genius. Born into slavery, Carver was an agricultural scientist, artist, and recipe developer. Truly a renaissance man.

Before Buzzfeed, there was George Washington Carver:

How the Farmer Can Save His Sweet Potatoes and 32 Ways of Preparing Them for the Table + 3 Cool Ways to Make Flour

Don’t skip that link. It’s a fascinating read. One more, which I have not embellished:

How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table

Amazing historical records, thanks to Texas A&M. Reading about sweet potato flour made me think about turning kale and other leafy greens into a flour or powder.

Kale loves getting massaged for salads, baked into chips, sautéed, creamed, and blended into smoothies and pesto. If you’re lucky enough to have too much kale or chard, turning the leafy green abundance into a powder preserves many options.

baby greens - kale and chard

Baking kale into chips is the first step. To prep greens – rinse and dry. Spread kale, chard, collard greens, or spinach onto a baking sheet. If you’re using grown-up kale, remove stems from leaves and tear into large pieces. It’s okay to overlap pieces. For kale chips, you’d normally coat with oil and sprinkle with sea salt. That isn’t necessary for making powder.

Bake in a low oven, say 300° for about 20 minutes. Give greens a toss and bake for 10 minutes longer, or until very dry. If you have a convection oven with a fan that can’t be turned off, put a cooling rack on top of greens. Otherwise, they’ll start swirling in the oven when they’re light and crispy. Sounds fun, but it is not. Of course, you can use a microwave to make kale chips.

heart kale greens

Put kale chips in a bag and use a rolling pin or fingers to crush into tiny pieces. A food processor would be great. I would have used a mortar and pestle to grind the leaves, but it was nowhere to be found. Those little woody bits above are kale stems. Nothing to get excited about – pick them out. I used curly kale and didn’t spend much time on prep.

Store kale powder in an airtight container. Think of it as a spice (great on pizza) or flavorful and nutritious addition to baked goods. Like mesquite flour, a little goes a long way. An entire tray of greens, baked and crushed, reduces to about half a cup of powder.

Really, what can’t you do with kale powder? For an easy salad dressing, blend 3 parts olive oil, 1 part vinegar, salt, pepper, herbs, and kale powder to taste. Green on green. With kale in the kitchen, it’s always fun to see what crops up.


  1. Love the kale heart! Kim of Cook IT Allergy Free also makes kale powder and adds it to lots of things. I think it’s a brilliant idea! 🙂 Kim uses a dehydrator, so it’s good to know you don’t have to have one. Off to read those articles …


  2. You can buy kale powder. Didn’t you know? Explore the real world instead of those hundred year old recipe collections.

    • I didn’t know that. Thanks.

    • But what’s the fun of BUYING kale powder?! Grow it, make it yourself. Feel satisfied that you created something good, like those folks that wrote the hundred year old recipe collections.

      • Thank you, Julie. I am a huge fan of historical recipes. Thanks to great neighbors, I have an abundance of homegrown produce. There’s also a fantastic farmers market 5 miles away. Maybe some people aren’t so lucky. Or just having a bad day. In any case, I appreciate your comment!

  3. Have you ever smoked kale? I’ve heard it’s remarkably healthy.


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    Baking Green: Kale Powder

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    Baking Green: Kale Powder