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10+ Favorite Chocolate Recipes

10 best gluten free chocolate recipes

Seems only fitting to round up my favorite chocolate recipes. They’ll be easier to find. Not to brag, but I use at least one of these recipes on a daily basis. If chocolate is your consuming passion too, you’ll love these gluten free faves.

Chocolate coconut cupcakes – not too sweet, made with coconut flour

Chocolate mint crinkles – some people love ‘em

Resolution brownies – the most satisfying brownie of all time

Fudgy cocoa brownies – vegan bliss

Heart candy cups – cutesy candy is unnecessary but delicious

Chocolate peppermint twinkies – kind of says it all

3-ingredient thin mints – easy hack

Easy tagalongs – another yummy hack

Chocolate cake – gluten free and so good

Chocolate banana bread – perfectly moist and delicious

Lemon chocolate bonbons – 3 ingredient recipe

Brooklyn blackout cupcakes – pudding + cake = my happy place

Chocolate and vanilla swirl – great ice cream and no machine needed

No-churn chocolate ice cream – velvety smooth and similar to Jeni’s

Creamy chocolate pudding – super creamy and vegan

Cake balls – great way to recycle cake scraps

Chocolate orange scones – barely sweet vegan scones

Salted chocolate peanut butter cookies – easy and vegan

Chewy chocolate almond shortbread – vegan cookie bars

No-bake chocolate tarts – like truffles in vegan tart form

Dairy free chocolate ice cream – decadent vegan treat

Lemon chocolate bonbons

Need cake in a hurry? Make a chocolate mug cake in the microwave. Leaves time for better things should they arise. Find more sweet and savory ideas here.


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