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Starter Muffins at GFE

gluten free starter muffins with pink glaze

Is there anything more practical than a muffin? Nope, didn’t think so. Perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or dessert in a pinch, I’m sharing the recipe for these muffins at Gluten Free Easily.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with GFE, you’re in for a treat. Created by Shirley Braden, GFE is a gold mine of recipes, kitchen tips, and gluten free support. But wait, there’s more. Shirley is also the brains behind another site, All Gluten Free Desserts. If there are doubters in your life – and by that I mean, people who make the ugh, gluten free? face – tell them to go . . . look at All Gluten Free Desserts. I’ll take one of everything.

This Starter Muffin is like a blank canvas. I use it often as a base for playing with flavors. Sometimes intentionally, often not. Lacking blueberries one day, I added a naturally pink glaze on top of these muffins with the hope of distracting attention away from its berryless state. They’re gone now, so I guess it worked.

Big thanks to Shirley for asking me to contribute a recipe for March Muffin Madness – it’s an honor! Head on over to see the full recipe for Starter Muffins here.

gluten free starter muffins


  1. Jim Loeffler says:

    I miss Free Range Cookies. I’m not a big baker, and most attempts end up a disaster. I have been to many other cities and they have a gluten free bakery. Since FRC closed, are there any other GF bakeries in the area? I am going to attempt the foccacia bread. I bought Pamela’s Artisan flour mix at Whole foods. I asked for mesquite flour. They don’t carry it. Where would one buy mesquite flour other than the internet.?

    • Hi Jim, Whole Foods on Brentwood does sell mesquite flour. Sadly, most store employees (not just there) are clueless about what they carry and how to use it. Last time I was at WF, mesquite was back in the supplements area. And extraordinarily overpriced. I gasped aloud, and rarely do that, being used to the price of specialty items. Pamela’s Artisan Flour works well in bread. I used it for baguettes with this recipe. Be sure to read all the notes; since there is guar gum in that mix, you would not want to include the psyllium husk. I’m teaching a bread class in September at Kitchen Conservatory, if you’re interested. As for bakeries, there’s New Day Gluten Free in Ellisville. Hope that helps.


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