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On Raisins in Cookies

It’s not often that a house guest begs to write a post. But when your favorite visitor is playful, opinionated, and super cute, it’s hard to say no. Take it away, friend.

zippy the guest poster

Guest Post by Zippy

Enough with the raisins in cookies. And visual cues of ineptitude. To the handful of raisin fans out there, relax. It’s just a post. And trust me; no one will actually see it.

Think back to the first time you experienced raisins in a baked good. Many an afternoon has been ruined for humans, bonding over thoughtful discussion and eating cookies, when a raisin suddenly appears, disguised as a chocolate chip. Remarkably, raisin cookies are celebrated by shopkeepers and bloggers alike, leading many to wonder what the actual heck is going on.

Transparency is a big thing, even in baked goods. Raisins in cookies are the reason many people have trust issues. Chew on that for a moment.

The question that surfaces now is, what was I saying? No doubt, raisins in cookies have a special place, but one where clowns and mimes are apt to frequent. Instead, let’s talk about something fun, like say, the Zippy version of 2048. 

2048: Zippy Edition

Thoughts and opinions are the dog’s. Thank you, Zippy.



  1. Happy April Fool’s day. Funny post Zippy.


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