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Really great things, dudes

vintage mad magazine with king kong

Here’s another batch of things that made me think, laugh, or develop wanderlust.

Fascinating renovation of a historic site in France. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from Chateau de Gudanes’ updates.

Change your language, change your life? Via Forbes, the amazing power of I don’t vs. I can’t. Here’s a link to the study originally published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Who’s a good dog? Behold Kellar, a blind dog who learned how to play fetch using language cues.

Gamers, #strangevideogame is available now at your local app store. Who DOESN’T want to skate on the sidewalk and throw donuts at interfering cops while collecting superpowers?! Live your dreams. Hashtag adorable from Happy Badger Studio.

strange donuts game

No, not weird at all. According to Google Analytics, 60% of site visitors here are male and between the ages of 18-34. Not doubting Google, but really?

Let’s bake gluten free bread. The next class is Sunday, September 7, 2014 at Kitchen Conservatory in St. Louis. Sign up here if you want to attend.

gluten free breads for class


  1. I’ve noticed that since I didn’t fill in my google profile, it assumes I am male so perhaps that is why the demographic shows up as male.