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Black Friday + 2 Bold Ideas

chewy chocolate almond shortbread

When I hear Black Friday, all thoughts turn to chocolate.

Going anywhere near a mall or waiting for hours to get a so-called deal on electronics sounds like torture. Here’s an idea: Why not start Small Business Saturday shopping on Friday? Everything starts early now. And local shops would love your business.

Speaking of local, please consider donating to EarthDance Farms in Ferguson. Since 2008, EarthDance has been teaching kids of all ages about food and where it comes from. Read about their plans for an expanded youth program here and donate to EarthDance, a positively inspiring force in Ferguson.

Then treat yourself to chunky brownies or maybe chocolate almond shortbread. I’m going to make ice cream today, either chocolate/vanilla swirl or straight up chocolate, along with chocolate banana bread. By the way, both brownies and banana bread work well for ice cream sandwiches. Always a great way to chill.

chocolate and vanilla swirl