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Easy Gluten Free Wraps

easy gluten free wraps

No-bake, too. Because these vegan wraps are cooked in a skillet. Perfect for when it’s too hot to use an oven.

Cook the batter like you would a pancake or crepe. Finished, it’s like a soft tortilla. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to name things.

The inspiration for this recipe comes from socca, a traditional flatbread made with chickpea flour and water. Using half chickpea, half tapioca helps keep the wraps flexible even after a day. If you don’t like bean flour, I get it. Maybe don’t taste the raw batter. After cooking, the flavor is fairly neutral and enjoyable.

For a slightly tangy wrap, give the batter an overnight stay in the fridge. Some ways I’ve eaten or inflicted these wraps:

  • filled with cream cheese and jam for a quesadilla
  • as a peanut butter and jelly burrito
  • stuffed with miscellaneous items as a leftoverito

So many possibilities. That’s a wrap. Or whatever you want to call it.

Easy Gluten Free Wraps

4 small wraps

This isn't so much a recipe as an idea worth exploring. Blend the chickpea batter and cook the same day for immediate needs. Or store the batter refrigerated overnight. Batter will thicken after being in the fridge, so give it a good stir before cooking. Adjust the liquid as needed: for a thinner wrap (or crepe), add a bit more water. For anyone curious about cooking these wraps in a microwave, yes, I have. They're best cooked in a skillet.



Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Cook the batter like you would a pancake or crepe. Hot skillet. Oil. Cook and flip. The only difference - after you've flipped the wrap, press down on it with a spatula to get those lovely brown spots.






  1. Ann Everett says:

    Can these chickpea wraps be made with canned chickpeas?

  2. J'Marinde says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

  3. I made these today & they are FANTASTIC!! We ate them for lunch (pb & j on them)… & as a snack (mayo & shredded mozarella)… & are going to make them for dinner too (shredded chicken & marinara sauce or salsa & sour cream). My kids LOVE them (can you tell?! lol) & you have really blessed us by filling a huge need in our GF menu in the form of a very good bread or flour tortilla substitute. We don’t normally eat something so frequently in one day, but they were so excited about the wraps & I opted to splurge today… such a small thing brings so much joy!

    We’ve not had success w/homemade GF loaf bread for sandwiches (almost always crumbles all over & is VERY dry the next day… so much so that it can only be used for toast).. we can make some great rolls (they are very dry the next day so you have to eat them that day) or bread to eat in thick 1″ slices w/coconut oil & salt on it, but nothing for a sandwich that doesn’t taste like you are eating tons & tons of bread. Buying loaf GF bread is so pricey for a larger family so we save it for when we will be on the road for the day & need a meal out; we pack a cooler w/veggies, fruit, bread, & sandwich fixings.

    These don’t have even the slightest bean taste at all & my DH is also going to like these (he is not GF but eats GF at home). I found the BEST way to get these to look like yours & to have the thinnest texture is to add almost double the water in the recipe & pan fry them in a very hot cast iron pan (or whatever your choice of pan) w/a bit of coconut oil… & like you said, don’t forget to push down on them after you slip them to get the pan marks ;). Pretty AND DELICIOUS!!

    I am going to make these w/scrambled eggs & potatoes in them this weekend. Oh man, these are wonderful!! TY again :)!!

    • Erica, I’m so glad you found this recipe/idea. Makes my day that you experimented and added so much extra liquid. It’s so true, about the simple things. Have a great weekend!

      • Aww, TY!! So I made them for dinner & my DH LOVED them too!! He said they taste like like flour tortillas…he eats gluten & said they are great!!

        When I made them for dinner I made some w/less liquid & some with more. Still awesome no matter how much water!

        Also, I wanted to correct myself from my previous comment… I don’t think I used double the water… I was thinking I doubled the flour… I used 1 1/2x the liquid… I think doubling it would be way too thin.

        You have a great weekend too! Keep up the awesome job! LOVE your blog & recipes!

  4. I made these last night and they are so good! Even my partner, who normally doesn’t like the taste/texture of gluten free bread stuff, thought they were great. And so easy to make. These will definitely be a staple in my kitchen from now on. Thank you!!!

  5. I made these last night and I accidentally added garlic infused olive oil, I kept wondering why do I smell garlic? then I figured it out lol, I used these for soft taco’s and they were wonderful! Even with the garlic, which made me start thinking about trying them for pizza rolls/crust wonder how they would crisp up in an oven…and then I thought, “Oh man, add some vanilla to the batter, or cinnamon, thin enough I could make blintzes! I could not taste the chick pea flour with the garlic olive oil it is subtle enough to mask. The possibilities are popping into my head!! maybe substitute for a cannolli shell? a manicotti noodle…wonder if it would fall apart if I dried it and boiled it like a pasta…LOL see what you started?? Thank you so much for the recipe!!!!

  6. Debbie Fecak says:

    These are FANTASTIC! Where have you been in my life. I do not have to be gluten free, but choose to do so. ( just feel so much better). This is going to fill such a void in my life!! Thank you so much!!

  7. Hi – What an awesome recipe you’ve shared and while not gluten free, I have enjoyed this simple recipe to put together. Do you by any chance have the nutritional values / information for this recipe? Thanks!!

  8. These sound delicious! Unfortunately I can’t have chickpeas. Could you suggest a substitute?
    Many thanks!

    • Annette, I haven’t made these wraps with other flours. But I’m wondering if quinoa flour would work as a sub. It’s been a few years, but I made a pie crust with quinoa and was surprised at how the flour seemed to bind everything together so well. If you experiment with this recipe before I do, please let me know.

      • I made the with pea flour and water chestnut flour for the starch. Next time I’m adding cilantro, garlic, jalapeno and whatever else strikes my fancy. Thank you so much, I love the way your mind works.

  9. Thanks for this great recipe! I’ve been searching for something just like this. I tried a paleo tortilla where you have to roll it out…not my specialty lol. This sounds perfect! I only have almond, brown and white rice, and coconut flour (as well as tapioca and potato starch) in my pantry right now. Would it be a waste of time to try to substitute the chickpea flour for one of these other flours or starches? Or should I just head to Whole Foods tomorrow and add chickpea flour to my flour collection? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Not sure. You might try half tapioca, half brown rice flour. I haven’t, but it’s an experiment I’d try. Garbanzo is so nutritious and flavorful (in a way that might take time getting used to). It’s worth picking up. Then again, your experiment may go well and you won’t need to buy garbanzo flour. Hope that helps a bit.

  10. Don’t have tapioca starch on hand. Can I use arrowroot in its place?

  11. I am very new to gf and dairy free life – doctors orders. I am always working, so my question is how long do these last?

  12. They’re delicious!
    I used them to make plant-based pizza and they were absolutely perfect (added a bit more flour though). Thanks for the great recipe!

  13. Hi, when freezing these do you need to separate them with baking paper?

    • That’s a good idea, Louise. What I usually do is freeze all breads on a cookie sheet, flat and uncovered. When frozen solid, I store in airtight containers.

  14. Thank you for these wraps, I use them for everything! I use them for hot dog buns, I use them for crepes, and I found if I add a tbsp of honey they taste similar to corn dogs, brown easier and you don’t taste the chickpea flour. I found by adding spices I can use them for anything. Taco seasoning they become soft shell tortillas for tacos/fajitas. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even measure anymore lol

  15. Thanks for the recipe. What brand of flour did you use? I used Bob’s and they had a beany aftertaste.