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GF Harvest gluten free oat field

Lately, I’ve been a bit meh on oats. I can explain.

A long time ago, say ten years, oats that were labeled gluten free were grown in dedicated fields, with all sorts of measures in place to ensure their safety. That isn’t always the case now.

Enter mechanical or optically sorted oats. Cheaper, but not the best long-term choice for the availability of truly gluten free oats. And now GF Harvest, one of the pioneers in growing safe oats, finds their business at a crossroads.

This article really made me think. If we don’t support gluten free food producers, they could disappear. For a list of companies that produce safe oats under a gluten free purity protocol, please visit Gluten Free Watchdog.

Some of my favorite oat recipes:

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Clustery Granola

2-Minute Cookie

My friend Johnna wrote about GF Harvest and their mission to bring safe gluten free oats to market. I just ordered a starter pack and can’t wait to get baking again.

gluten free banana oatmeal cookies


  1. You’ve said it well! And those cookies, swoon…