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Really Great Things: Paisley Park, NYC Adventure, Recipe Ideas, and Bread Class

Paisley Park January 2016

Here’s another collection of things that made me think, smile, and develop wanderlust:

Paisley Park will be open for tours in October. Too soon for some, but those estate taxes have to be paid somehow. If you’re curious how Prince ended up in Minneapolis, here’s a fascinating talk that weaves tech with migration and music from a super guy, Anil Dash.

New York City Adventure Club –  there’s always something interesting happening here (scroll down)

Glutino Crispy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Perfect. I may never make homemade chocolate cookies again.

Need fall baking ideas? Gluten free recipe fix has you covered with back-to-school and favorite seasonal recipes.

Finally, if you ever wanted to bake bread with me, here’s your chance. On Sunday, September 18, we’ll bake gluten free focaccia, baguettes, pita bread, English muffins, and pizza at Kitchen Conservatory in St. Louis. Five spots are open. Sign up here to attend.

Two years ago in Amsterdam. When he talks about Paisley Park . . .





  1. Awww, thanks for sharing this video of Prince in Amsterdam, Linda! I had not seen this one and it was indeed perfect to share with your mention of Paisley Park being opened to the public. I don’t think the latter is too soon. Folks want to pay tribute to Prince and that can never start too soon. I also appreciated the Anil Dash video. I had not seen that one either.

    Thanks for all the rest of the news and, of course, for sharing our latest Gluten-Free Recipe Fix and for linking up several of your recipes. Those Chalkboard Cookies are adorable! There are so many hidden treasure recipes on your site. 🙂

    Hope your last bread class is jammed with attendees. They will be lucky ducks for sure!

    Hope you’re having a good week!