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🎶 I Wish You A Happy New Year . . . 🎵

RIP ZippyThe one and only Zippy

I’m not usually one for making resolutions, but I’ve eaten a brownie a day since resolving to eat more chocolate a few years ago. What can I say, it’s a great feeling to actually accomplish something.

Last year, I started yoga and LOVE it. I never imagined doing yoga before, and didn’t realize how physically challenging and yet, calming a daily practice is. One piece of advice to anyone starting yoga – take it slow and don’t overdo.

This year I will be more active in causes I support. Actually started on this resolution earlier in the year. Why wait?

2016 was rough. I lost a good friend, met first through the bakery as a customer. He was sweet, but also wickedly funny. How I miss his spit-your-cocoa-out emails. Also heartbreaking – losing two of my canine friends, Zippy and Megan. Zippy was the sassiest dog I’ve known. Her cousin, Megan, was absolutely the sweetest. Meg learned how to smile big, toothy, affectionate grins. She passed away yesterday. 🙁

dear sweet MeganForever in my heart, Megan’s beautiful smile

Remembering the good, one of the highlights this past year was overhearing a student at the bread class talk about a doctor she liked for thyroid treatment. Sorry I don’t know your name, but I so appreciate finding a doctor who really knows how to test and treat thyroid issues. Never fails that I learn from students at the bread classes. I’ll be back to teach another gluten free class on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at Kitchen Conservatory.

Just fyi, I can no longer access the Free Range Cookies facebook page. I am locked out due to “security reasons.” Annoying, and I’d delete the FB page if I could, but can’t even do that. Go figure.

In case you missed them, here are the two most popular posts on the blog in 2016. For every yin there’s a yang, so I’ve included my favorite, least popular recipe as well.

Most Popular Posts

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Low Carb Bun for One 35,170 views

Least Popular Post

My Favorite Blondies 402 views


Thank you for reading. Wishing you and yours all the best in 2017!


  1. Linda
    You have done a wonderful service providing incredible gluten free recipes for so many years. Congratulations and keep up the great work in 2017


  2. Linda, I’m so very sorry for the losses of your dear friend and those adorable furbabies. Sending you love and hugs, dear!

    I am grateful that you found a good doctor for thyroid issues. You are so right that they are extremely hard to find. So often it’s through others, and randomly as you shared, that we learn of really good doctors. That’s pretty insane.

    Keep contacting Facebook about your page. Andrea of Forest and Fauna had her page taken down without explanation, but she finally got it back up.

    I’m not surprised those were your most popular posts. I’ll re-share them later for you! 🙂 But what on earth do folks have against your blondies? They’re delicious!

    Happy New Year, Linda. Hugs,